Duckbill Drain Kits

Duckbill Drain Kits

Now you can add a simple drain system to keep your bilge empty as you drive!

Our complete kit comes with all the hardware for the easy installation.

The other kits are even simpler!

Just unscrew your drain plug and screw our duckbill drain plugs in place.

Keep your if you ever need to change!

Part No. Description Price
A2019 Duckbill, Replacement $18.95
A2025 Duckbill Drain Kit, Universal (95 & up Seadoo and Polaris) $39.95
A2026 Drain Kit, Quick, Pol/S-D JS, 2 hole $39.95
A4025 Duckbill Drain Kit, Kawasaki $39.95
A4026 Duckbill Kit, Kaw, 1200SX-R, 800SX-R $39.95
A8025 Duckbill Drain Kit, Yamaha $39.95
A8026 Duckbill Drain Kit, Quick, Yamaha $39.95