CDI Warranty


CDI Electronics’ Commitment to Continuous Improvement

CDI Electronics is committed to building the best marine ignition systems available. This commitment requires us to quickly find and fix problems that may arise with our products so you can provide your customers with efficient, reliable service. To this end, if you are experiencing a problem please contact our Technical Services Team immediately at 1-866-423-4832 for assistance. These communications will allow us to help you quickly and effectively – so your customer’s boat doesn’t stay in the shop any longer than required. Technical Services will assist you with troubleshooting the ignition system to determine if CDI Electronics’ part failed by itself, or if another component of the ignition system is causing the CDI part to fail. This process helps to avoid the “repetitive failure loop” of reordering a part that continues to fail due to a failure mode caused by another part in the ignition system. 


The following describes CDI Electronics’ standard limited warranty. Warranty coverage may differ depending on jurisdiction.

 Warranty Coverage

CDI’s Limited Warranty covers defects in material or workmanship on new CDI Electronics products generally for a period of 2 years from the purchase date. Exceptions are listed below. Only consumers purchasing CDI Electronics products from authorized CDI Electronics retailers or resellers and installed by a professional marine technician may obtain coverage under CDI’s Limited Warranty. Components with a manufacturing date greater than 10 years old are not covered under the CDI Warranty, even if the purchase date has been within the past 2 years. Purchases from unauthorized resellers, which may include some online entities, may not guarantee that the purchaser will receive a newly manufactured component, and therefore does not guarantee warranty coverage.

Warranty Length

CDI’s warranty period begins on the documented date of purchase, depending on the type of product and where it was purchased. The warranty shall apply for the period listed below according to the type of product purchased:

CDI Electronics Ignition Modules & Stators: 2 Years

All other CDI Electronics Products: 1 Year

Premier Repair Products (Part Number with R Prefix): 90 Days -excludes Ficht EMM’s

Ficht EMM Repairs: 20 Run Hours

Distributed Items (Fluke, Stevens): Per Manufacturer

If possible, please provide an original invoice for your warranty claim.  In the absence of an original invoice, CDI Electronics will use the manufacturing date to determine warranty eligibility.

Warranty Resolution

If CDI Electronics authorizes a product to be returned to CDI or an authorized service provider, CDI Electronics will repair the product or replace it without charge with a functionally equivalent replacement product. CDI Electronics may replace your product with a product that was previously in service or repaired, but re-tested to meet CDI Electronics specifications. CDI Electronics will pay to ship the replacement product to you. By sending your product for replacement, ownership of the original product will be transferred to CDI Electronics. Labor charges are not covered under this warranty. CDI Electronics warrants that repaired or replaced products shall be covered under the CDI Warranty for the remainder of the original product warranty, or 90 days, whichever is greater.

Not Covered by the Warranty

CDI Electronics’ Warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by (a) an accident, abuse, neglect, or exposure to shock, electrostatic discharge, heat or humidity beyond the product’s specifications, improper installation, inappropriate operation, maintenance or modification, or (b) any misuse contrary to the instructions in the installation sheet, or (c) loss, or (d) malfunctions caused by other equipment. CDI Electronics’ Warranty is void if a product is returned with removed, damaged or tampered labels or any other alterations (including removal of any component or external cover) to the product. CDI’s Warranty does not cover labor charges or any direct, consequential, or incidental damages. Costs related to recovery, removal or installation are not recoverable under the CDI Electronics Limited Warranty.

Applicable Laws

CDI Electronics’ Warranty is governed by the laws of the State of Alabama, USA.  The CDI Warranty provides you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. CDI’s Warranty does not affect any additional rights consumers have under laws in their jurisdictions governing the sale of consumer goods, including, without limitation, national laws implementing EC Directive 44/99/EC. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations or exclusions in CDI Electronics’ Warranty may not apply in certain jurisdictions.