Crankshaft, New & Reconditioned


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 * Press fit rebuilt crankshaft, core must be shipped in advance and received before Item is shipped. Item will be shipped same day of receipt of your core.

** Comes with lower and not upper

Please be advised that pictures maybe be generic and may not be the exact crankshaft you have. Please contact us if you have questions reguarding the crankshaft you are trying to purchase.

Model/HP Notes Type Cylinders O.E. Number Part Number
40-50 hp

With oil injection Gear

Rebuilt 3 6H4-11400-14-00  850-315R*
40-50 hp Without oil injection gear Rebuilt 3 6H4-11400-04-00 850-315-01R*
60-70 hp With oil injection gear Rebuilt 3 6H3-11400-11-00 850-320R*
60-70 hp WEithout oil injection gear Rebuilt 3 6K5-11400-00-00 850-320-01R**
75-85-90 hp   New 3 688-11411-01 850-325
90 degree Small Taper   New V4 6E5-11411-00 850-330
90 degree Large Taper   New V4 6N7-11411-00 850-335
90 Deg. Small Taper     V6 6G5-11411-02 850-340
90 degree Medium Taper     V6 6R3-11411-09 850-345
76 degree V6   Reconditioned V6 61A-11411-00 850-350U
90 degree Large Taper     V6 67H-11411-01 850-355
HPDI 2.6L 150-200 HP   Reconditioned V6 68F-11411-01-00 850-347U