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Engine Remanufacturing Warranty

PWC Engine, Inc.
Limited Warranty
Effective January 1, 2017


PWC Engine, Inc. warrants its remanufactured engines for a period of two (2) years from the date ofthe original purchase of all PWC 2 stroke and (1) year for 4 stroke engines. (1) year for 2 stroke outboard engines, against any failure that would require repair. This is a one time no fault warranty for engines that have failed due to customer error and not from a part or manufacturing defect(water ingestion is not covered). However, engines that may fail from a defect part or manufacturing defects, will be covered for the full two year period from date of purchase.

Marine engines have (1) year warranty for 2 stroke outboard engines against any defect in manufacturing or parts used that lead to engine failure that would require repair. This is not a no fault warranty as expressed above in the PWC warranty.

PWC Engine, Inc. obligations hereunder are limited to the repair or replacement of the engine. The foregoing are the Buyer's exclusive remedies. The terms of the limited warranty are expressed on PWC Engine, Inc. standard invoice and the terms are incorporated herein.

All warranty claims must be furnished to PWC Engine, Inc., in writing, within a period of fourteen (14) days from Buyer's discovery of any defect or problem covered herein or must be reported to PWC Engine, Inc., via telephone, with the issuance of a specific RGA number. Telephonic notice shall not be effective unless an authorization number is issued by PWC Engine, Inc .. From the date of notice to PWC Engine, Inc., the Buyer must return the defective unit within thirty (30) days to PWC Engine, Inc. postage prepaid otherwise, all warranties hereunder are null and void. PWC Engine, Inc. assumes no liability for product returned to the factory without prior written approval. An approved warranty must arrive at PWC Engine, Inc., properly marked with the PWC Engine, Inc. issued RGA number on the box and on any paperwork enclosed. The product must arrive including only the original parts supplied by PWC Engine, Inc. with the original purchase. PWC Engine, Inc. is not responsible for any extra parts left on your engine or crankshaft. Any parts left on your warranty engine can or will be discarded by PWC Engine, Inc ..

PWC Engine, Inc. assumes no liability for shipping to or from our location, labor charges for trouble shooting, damage to other components or assemblies resulting from failure of the engine.

This warranty does not apply to an engine which been subject to modification or has been disassembled, including, but not limited to, removal of the head.

Any warranty work performed by PWC Engine, Inc. does not extend the original warranty period of two (2) year 2 stroke or the (1) year 4 stroke from the date of original purchase. The express written warranties set forth herein constitute the only warranties made by PWC Engine, Inc. in connection with this transaction. As noted herein below, all other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly disclaimed. All limited warranties specified herein are conditioned upon Buyer's immediate notice to PWC Engine, Inc. of the alleged fault or defect. PWC Engine will honor warranty due to manufacturing defects unlimited for the full two (2) or (1) year model term when deemed our fault. Engines failures that are caused by piston detonation, no oil, or water ingestion will be warrantied one time only during the two (2) or (1) year period that applies for that model. This is not to include damages to original core items; warranty is only subject to the internal parts of rebuilding. Engine core parts that are damaged and subject to replacement will be respondsibility soley of the customer. Should the engine fail after such a claim fore mentioned due to a manufacturing defect. The original engine warranty will apply.

This warranty does not apply to personal watercraft (PWC) used for rental or commercial purposes. PWC Engine, Inc. offers no warranty for PWC's used for rental or commercial purposes. Your account must be current and in good standing before PWC Engine, Inc. will perform any warranty work.

In the event that a Buyer asserts any claim against PWC Engine, Inc., under the aforementioned warranties or otherwise, and if said claims are not resolved through negotiations between the parties, then all such claims and disputes shall be subject to non-binding mediation in Suffolk County, New York, as a condition precedent to Buyer's asserting any legal action against PWC Engine, Inc. Said mediation shall be conducted by a certified mediator under the laws of the state of New York, and each party shall be responsible for paying an equal share of all mediation costs. This mandatory mediation shall be a condition precedent to the filing of any legal action or lawsuit. If said claims are not settled through mediation, all legal actions or lawsuits shall be brought exclusively in Suffolk County, New York and the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorneys' fees and costs. The terms of this agreement shall be enforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction.

Crankshaft Remanufacturing Warranty & Core Return

in crankshaft rebuilding for over 20 years, we bring you the highest quality precision. The crankshaft comes complete new rods, precision bearings, rod journals and also with top end needle bearings. We do not weld the rod journal to the web as this has proven to create more of a problem. We have found that after the journal has been welded, the factory hardened metal loses integrity causing the weld to break and the pins to walk out of the hole. Pwc Engine will weld main pins on certain models that the journal are known to go out of phase or twist. These journals are larger and are able to withstand the heat caused by the welding process. All of our crankshafts are hand trued to no more than .001 total runout to give a smooth running engine with longer bearing life.

In fact PWC Engine is so certain of its product that we will now this year Pwc Engine will now offer a one year No Fault Warranty on all rebuilt 2 stroke crankshafts against any type of failure.

Your Core Return

Core returns are required within two weeks of the date of delivery on any remanufactured PWC Engine crankshaft.

PWC Engine charges one way shipping and handling if a core is due and provides a return pre-paid label with your purchase of a rebuilt crankshaft at no charge. Please use the original packaging and the prepaid airbill for the return shipping of your old core to Pwc Engine and give to any UPS driver or center. If you need to schedule a pick up for your core please go to

Cylinder Kit Warranty


Warranty Claim Form

Shipping Procedure Engine & Core Program

You must pre-ship your engine to us. It MUST be complete! If you don't have a core you MUST make arrangements with us prior to the sale. DO NOT BUY UNTIL THEN!!!

Please do not include anything but the long block itself. Do not send electrics, sensors, exhaust, intakes, flywheels, PTO or flywheel housings! These parts may not be returned to you. We cannot keep track of these items. Upon receipt of your blown engine we will inspect it for holes and cracks that may have additional charges that apply. WE WILL CALL YOU IN THIS CASE!

We may or may not rebuild your engine, many times we have our cores already rebuilt and ready to ship on the shelf. In the event that we don't, we will rebuild yours within 2 day turn around time. Core Exchange Policy.

We can be reached from 8am-7pm eastern standard time for any questions regarding our engine rebuilding program, methods of rebuilding, stock items, new/used parts or trouble shooting.

Shipping Instructions

Please be sure to include all your contact information. Pack your engine well and insure for minimum $2000.00! If your engine is not packed well your insurance will only cover loss and not damages due to shipping. You can ask your carrier how the item should be packed so that they will pay should there be a claim.

We have had the least amount of damages from customers purchasing the storage bins from The Home Depot along with siding insulation foam boards. The bottom should be packed with at least 3" of foam. Use enough for the sides to firm the engine up, put a good piece over the top. Put the top on and plastic wire tie shut. Tape your contact information to the inside lid.


We will make good effort to return them in good condition if you need us to remove them for you.

Ship to:

Pwc Engine, Inc.

418 Wading River Rd

Manorville, NY 11949

We are recommending that you ship with UPS or Fed-Ex. To save money on shipping cost, bring your engine to a UPS/Fed-Ex center and not an agent (extra fees will apply) go to or and buy a label there. This will allow you to bring it to any driver, center, or even schedule pick up from your location.

Payment Information

Upon receipt of your core engine we will call you for your complete shipping and billing information. Pwc Engine will ship your rebuilt engine the same day of payment if received before 4pm. After 4pm we will ship the very next business day.

New Parts Return Policy

PWC Engine’s goal has always been to satisfy our customers. Whatever the reason you have with your purchase whether your order was placed here on our online store, on our eBay store, or ordered by phone, you may return your product for a refund up to 60 days after the date of shipment.

If your purchased item has been used, installed, not in the original packaging and is not able to be resold you MUST call us at 877.952.5625 to discuss the problem and request a Return Authorization number. Otherwise follow the instructions below for your refund.

Copy of your original receipt.

If your item is opened, you must include all originally shipped components and packaging.

We will only accept and refund items that have not been installed, misused, or used.

Items are to be shipped back in their own box with RA# clearly labeled on the outside of the box and noted on the receipt. We cannot track your return and give credit with out this information. If you do not include this information, you may be denied your refund.

Please send all returns to:

PWC Parts Returns
418 Wading River Rd.
Manorville, NY 11949

Be sure too properly package, protect, and insure your items from shipping loss/damages for their full value. PWC Engine is not responsible for loss or damges in transit. Please obtain and record you tracking number until it is confirmed that we have received your items without damage.

Also allow 48 hours for confirmation of receipt of returned items for us to process your return. Refunds ARE SUBJECT TO 20% RESTOCKING FEE and will be refunded by check and will occur within 15 business days of cancellation or date of return.

Engine Return Policy

International Sale Policy

When ordering an engine or crankshaft outside of the US, you must present us with your old engine first. When we receive, any damages will be assessed and we will notify you of the amount money for the wire transfer or US money orders for the sale. All freight, taxes and duties are YOUR RESPONDSIBILITY of the customer.

Please remember, we will charge additional fees for damaged aluminum, missing parts or aftermarket parts. Once we have received both the core parts and the payment in full, the order can be released for shipping. For additional information please see our Core Exchange Policy


You must send your old engine to:

PWC Engine, Inc.
418 Wading River Rd.
Manorville, NY, 11949 USA

PWC Engine, Inc. will e-mail your invoice to you.
Wire transfer of the total amount, in US dollars, to PWC Engine's bank. We will send our bank information to you at this time.

When we receive the confirmation for your funds, PWC Engine will then email you that your engine is ready.

We are recommending UPS Worldwide or FedEx for all international shipments to and from your location.

Core Exchange Policy

PWC Engine requires that all engines be shipped in advance for rebuilding. This will eliminate the need for pre-paid core charges. PWC Engine has a 2 day turnaround time on all engines that do not have extensive repairs.

You must have a core! Click here if you are international

Core engines that come in with the following damages would be considered extensive.

Cracked or damaged aluminum on cores, requiring replacement or additional processing before rebuilding can take place.

Missing Parts/Hardware.

Aftermarket or Modified Parts. (milled head, ported cylinders, etc...)

Extensive damage that do not allow a reasonable price to repair and will require replacement of that part of the core.

In the event the core you are shipping in for exchange meets one of the above conditions, PWC Engine will assess additional fees. You will be notified of the additional expense before any work is done to your engine at our facilty. Any charges assessed may be reversed if PWC Engine receives the damaged replacement parts with the pre-shipped core. If you would like an estimate of additional fees prior to returning your core, you can take digital photos of any damages on the core you are shipping, and email them to: Please include you reach number if you would like to discuss your estimate.

PWC Engine will assess the pictures for any additional charges that may apply and reply to you within 24 hours. Please note, that we do the best we can to see the actual damages, but this is an initial assessment only and may change once the item is received and physically inspected at our facility. PWC Engine is not responsible for any extra parts left on your core.

Stroke Trouble Shooting Guide


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